Freelance Writer’s Guild started because of my love for writing. It started off as a free wordpress.com site. Over time, I learned and realize the importance of having my own domain. That was a big jump for me; someone who is not technical. After a lot of trial and error, finally, this site is ready to be launched. It is not perfect but will do my best to make it better over time.

The goal for this site is to provide resources to freelancers; both from my experiences and other freelancers. This is a community where we look out for each other, pass on our knowledge to other freelancers and provide support to anyone in need.

I came across a quote on twitter one day which says, “We live, we learn, we share” by MK. It is very true and definitely applicable. That will be the mission of this site. I urge everyone in this community to think this way too.

Guest posting is important, especially to get backlinks and further recognition. I will definitely screen them and do my best to post them in a timely fashion.

As always, “We live, we learn and we share”.