Million-Dollar Business Ideas in 2022

Million Dollar Business Ideas to Start With No Money

50 Million Dollar Business Ideas [That You Can Start]

My name is Nick Bare and I own Bare Performance Nutrition. We are a sports nutrition and health supplement company based out of central Texas, just about 20 minutes north of Austin.

I built the brand while working as an active duty Soldier, sleeping very little and working very much. Bare Performance Nutrition has always specialized in sports performance (pre-workout, pump enhancers, whey protein, BCAAs) but is now adding to the line of health supplements (greens superfoods, red superfoods, multi-vitamin, joint support) due to the increased demand and popularity from the current customers. The flight is our flagship product (pre-workout) which launched the brand in 2012 and has been one of our fastest moving products to date.

How to find a million-dollar business idea

When it comes time to land on your million-dollar business idea, you’ll need to think carefully about what industry and type of company you want to pursue. We’re going to outline some of our favorite ideas below, but you’ll want to look inward as well to see what type of ideas appeal to you.

Perhaps you have a valuable skill set you want to capitalize on. Or maybe you’ve seen a gap in your industry that needs filling. Finding a way to disrupt an outdated industry can make a lot of money, as can joining a newer industry on its way to explosive growth. Trends can be profitable if you get in early and find a way to stand out amongst the crowd. Whatever type of business you decide to start, it is important to do your market research, create a solid business plan and, of course, be excited about the idea.

14+ Million Dollar Business Ideas to Start With No Money

1. Become a Consultant

Become a consultant - Million Dollar Business Ideas to Start With No Money

2. Start a Blog

Start a million dollar blog

3. Become an Affiliate Marketer

4. Start a YouTube Channel

Start a Youtube Channel

All you need is an interesting subject, an interesting way of presenting the subject, and the ability to put it all online regularly. You can use a camera, smartphone, tablet, or laptop to make the video.

Then you take your YouTube channel, and you put advertisements and content that directs viewers to sponsored paysites or merchandise or wherever you wish to redirect them so that you earn income.

5. Start a Dropshipping Business

Start a dropshipping business

6. Start a Podcast

Start a podcast

Think of it as being a radio announcer but with internet distribution. Folks use their podcasts to promote products or services which compensate them for the endorsement or exposure.

7. Start a Domestic Cleaning Company

Start a Domestic Cleaning Company

8. Become an Online Teacher

become an online teacher

9. Become an Instagram Influencer

Become a Social Media Influencer

10. Start a Web or Graphic Design Business

11. Become a Personal Trainer

Become a Personal Trainer

Staying at home isn’t the greatest way to stay in condition, and if you’re used to having a workout every day or two, you’re probably feeling a little anxious to get back into condition.

Setting up a training class online can be done using free resources like Skype or GoToMeeting are available to carry the video and let your trainees get the most from your coaching. And it’s all free.

12. Become a Writer

become a writer

13. Start a Rental Business

Start a rental business

14. Become a Social Media Manager

Become a Social Media Manager

Million Dollar Business Ideas to Start With No Money

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