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5 Creative Writing Prompts That’ll Help You Learn a New Language

Writing prompts have proved to be a very effective method for students to learn a new language. Irrespective of the age, everyone has something to talk about. On the other hand, when you try to learn a different language, you deal with a lot of stress as you are getting out of your comfort zone. Choosing the best translation website might help on some occasions. Therefore, especially when we are talking about a difficult language, the teachers play a crucial role.

They need to use the best of their imagination to help students forget about the stress caused by learning a new language and exercise it by talking about something they like. This is why they use writing prompts to help students talk about things that are meaningful to them. Whether you will be talking about family stories, people you admire, or deepest beliefs, each of these prompts will help you exercise and master a new language very easy.

5 Creative Writing Prompts That’ll Help You Learn a New Language

A creative writing prompt helps you spark your imagination and encourage you to develop new ideas on subjects you like. Usually, by using writing prompts, students discover more things about themselves. As sometimes it is hard to find things to write about and exercise a new language, you will find the writing prompts below extremely helpful:

  • Write about your best friend

Who is your best friend? Maybe he or she is someone you’ve met in your childhood. Or, your best friend might be someone you’ve met at work. When people are asked to talk about their best friends, they get more relaxed as they are talking about a subject they like. There are a lot of nice memories that connect you to your best friend. Therefore, it won’t be difficult at all to talk about him or her as you have surely gone through a lot of events together.

On the other hand, when you have to describe your best friend in a new language, you might have difficulties expressing yourself. If you are a beginner, you can start by mentioning his or her name. You can then discuss the things that make him or her special and what are the things you enjoy a lot doing together. Finally, you can talk about what makes you comfortable when you are around that person. Thus, you will exercise and develop your vocabulary in a very easy way by talking about something pleasant.

  • Write about your goals

Everyone has one or more goals in their lives. Learning a foreign language can be an ambitious goal. Therefore, a good exercise to enhance your vocabulary could be to write about your biggest goals. This is how you will organize your thoughts and decide which are your priorities and, at the same time, you will be becoming an advanced foreign language speaker. This is a method that brings double benefits. You will learn a foreign language without too much effort and become a more productive person as you will know exactly what you want and how you can achieve it.

  • Write about something/someone you observed

Carefully look at the world around you and write about something or someone you observed using the foreign language you want to learn. Take a ride on the bus, or simply walk down the streets. Look carefully at the people and objects you discover and focus on those that capture your attention the most. You might notice something you haven’t seen before or something you are very happy to see. Project the image in your head and think of it when you start writing.

This is a good writing prompt when you want to practice adjectives. When you describe an object or a person, you will use a lot of adjectives to reproduce your ideas and feelings. Speak about the colors, the feeling you have when you see that respective person or product and describe also the place where you saw all these. Use all your senses and describe each of them as accurate as possible. You will see that, at the end of the day, you will have both a positive image in your head and also a developed vocabulary.

  • What did you do yesterday?

When you feel that you lack ideas, you can easily talk about what you did yesterday. Even though you didn’t do anything spectacular, this doesn’t mean that you cannot practice a foreign language by describing your activities from the day before. You can start by describing how you woke up in the morning, what you did until lunch, and the persons you shared your lunch with. Then you can continue talking about how you spent your afternoon. By describing what you did yesterday you will practice a lot past tense. Especially for a beginner, but also for higher levels, it is very good to exercise past tense in different formats.

  • Talk about the future

This is a topic that can be interpreted in so many ways. For some, the future can be tomorrow. For others, they think of the future as next season or what comes after graduation. Irrespective of the way you envision the future, this exercise will help you practice a foreign language. What is more, this is also an effective method to learn how to use the future tense. Furthermore, you can use your imagination and talk about anything you want for the future. This will help you develop your vocabulary and find synonyms to a lot of new words.


Creative writing prompts can help you develop and build your vocabulary. If you really want to obtain the best results, it is highly recommended to do this exercise without a dictionary or any other help. You can also set a timer and start writing. This is how you will make a realistic idea about your current level of writing and understanding. You will also discover which are the areas that need improvement. Furthermore, if you also collaborate with a teacher, you can also ask him or her to correct your writing and thus learn from your mistakes.